What To Consider When Selecting Your Outdoor Kitchen Sink?

Selecting Your Outdoor Kitchen Sink

The dream of having an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful home innovation that any household can be proud of. One of the highlights of an outdoor kitchen is the sink. It is where you wash everything that you need for consumption. The outdoor kitchen sink is the heart of your haven, and it is the most commonly used necessity in your outdoor kitchen. Since your guests will have their focal focus on your kitchen sink, you must choose the most beautiful sink that comes with complete functionality and durability. You need to know what to consider when selecting your outdoor kitchen sink.

Types of outdoor sinks

In order to have an idea on what to focus on when choosing a new outdoor kitchen sink, you must have knowledge about the different types of kitchen sinks in the market today. Knowing the styles will help you figure out which one is better suited for your gorgeous outdoor kitchen.

Apron sink – an apron sink is popularly known as a farmhouse style sink, and it is the sink that goes beyond the counter edge. This outdoor sink is perfect for a rustic farmhouse kitchen theme. The apron skins are available mostly in cast iron or fireclay materials, making this sink extremely durable.

Undermount sink – this type of outdoor sink can fit with any outdoor kitchen style. The installation starts from beneath the counter, making your countertop and sink look sophisticated, organized, and sleek. It is also very easy to clean.

Corner sink – a corner sink has two basins and it is placed at the corner of your outdoor kitchen counter. This style is great for maximizing space, and the two separate sinks looks unique and amazing to look at.

Kitchen island sink – this kind of outdoor sink is designed as a prep sink or a primary outdoor sink. The kitchen island sink allows you to save some space in your counter. This style comes in stainless steel, granite, or wood material.

Sink with drainboard – this sink style is eco-friendly and quite practical. It is usually made from stainless steel, with a built-in drainboard. This outdoor sink design allows you to have a mess-free food preparation. Plus, you do not need to use a dish drainer anymore since you can let your dishes dry in the drainboard.

Single bowl sink – you can use a single basin sink in your outdoor kitchen if you have limited space. This kind of sink is actually perfect for cleaning your pots and other huge cookware. This sink is not ideal for multi-tasking, but you can be sure that your washing is clean and free from splashing.

Double bowl sink – an outdoortwo-basin sink offers multi-tasking, and allows you to work faster. This kind of sink commonly takes up 30-36 inches space in a kitchen counter.

Cocktail/bar sink – this kind of outdoor sink is considered as the smallest of all designs. This kitchen sink typically has a dimension of 12-16 inches width, and the depth is lesser in size. The bar sink is perfect for small tasks like washing spices and cooling wines.

Top mount sink – this sink style is widely recognized as a drop-in sink. It is fairly easy to install, but there is a potential to collect dirt, debris, and grime on the sink’s lip. This can be challenging during your cleaning process.

Factors to consider in an outdoor kitchen sink

Buying a new outdoor kitchen sink takes time and energy. There are a couple of things that you need to consider in choosing the most suitable sink for you.


In choosing an outdoor kitchen sink, you should consider the material to use. The most popular material is stainless steel due to its resistance to rust, extreme durability, and long-lasting features. However, you must be very careful in choosing a stainless steel sink. Not all stainless steel has the same quality. There are low grade stainless steels that do not offer rust-resistance, and these sinks are mostly cheap in price. And aside from stainless steel, you also have the option to choose copper sinks, ceramic sinks, or fireclay sinks.


You have to understand as the thickness of the sink increases, the price goes up as well. With stainless steel, look for a lesser gauge since they have ample amount of metal, compared to higher gauge stainless steel. And in fancy ceramic or copper, the thickness is added for aesthetic purposes than functionality.

Style and size

The style of your new outdoor sink must be in sync with the theme of your outdoor kitchen. Follow your taste and preference, or you can assistance from the designer of your outdoor kitchen. As for the size of the sink, it depends on the space you want to allocate for the sink. Or the size of your outdoor kitchen. The common sizes for an outdoor kitchen sink are rectangle, square, oval, round, and zero radius.


Indoor and outdoor kitchen sinks usually have the same materials and are made mostly the same way. But outdoor sinks tend to be pricey than indoor sinks due to the plumbing system. When considering the price, think of your budget and see how much you can afford. Once you have determined your budget, you can narrow down your choices

Number of basin

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a single or double basin outdoor kitchen sink.


The different styles of kitchen sinks have different installation process. Since you are placing the sink outdoors, additional plumbing may be needed.


Invest in your outdoor kitchen sink since it adds unquestionable attraction to your outdoor kitchen. Bear in mind that cheap skinks will not last long, and it would cost more to replace often. Always be cautious in your quest to find the perfect sink for you. Do your research, or ask the professionals for help. With so many choices in the market, trust your own instinct and choose what makes you happy.

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