What To Look For In An Outdoor Kitchen Grill?

What To Look For In An Outdoor Kitchen Grill?

How about spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with some tenderloin and chicken grill? Sounds like a fun plan! You may need to jot down the names that you want in your guest list. If there is a garden or a backyard, utilizing it sounds like a good idea. An outdoor kitchen grill is a craze among home owners who love to entertain friends and neighbors in their fully functional and beautiful home. It helps that there are a wide variety of grill models that are suitable for any outdoor kitchen. However, with all the hundreds of choices, you are left to wonder what to look for in an outdoor kitchen grill.

When you are on a hunt for the most suitable grill for your outdoor kitchen, the choices in the market can cause your head to spin in confusion. Luckily, we have gathered some important tips that can help you make an informative decision.

Type of grill

It is crucial to know exactly what kind of an outdoor kitchen grill you want.

  • Charcoal grill – this kind of grill produces a natural smokey barbecue smell and flavor that is hard to imitate with electric or gas grills. Though the temperature of the charcoal grill is difficult to control, the result of the grill is much tastier compared to other means. Although, one problem of the charcoal grill is the need to eliminate the ashes after the grilling time.
  • Electric grill – an electric grill is perfect if you detest mess in your outdoor kitchen. It is easy to install, and easy to turn on and use. Though this type of an outdoor grill is mostly convenient, it produces the least genuine flavor of barbecue. And it uses electricity, so utmost care is needed in using this grill.
  • Gas grill – this type of outdoor kitchen grill offers accurate control of temperature during grilling. It has the capability to mimic the flavor of barbecue made from charcoal grill, but not a hundred percent. A gas grill uses heat plates, pumice stone, lava rock, or ceramic briquettes in an attempt to produce a charcoaled barbecue smell and taste.


Set a price that you can afford for your new outdoor kitchen grill. You have to be realistic about your budget in order to ensure that you will not sacrifice your budget for food and other necessities just to buy a new tool for grilling. Browse through the options online so you will have an idea how much the outdoor grills cost. It is ideal to look for the grill that has all the features you are looking for, and check the price. See of you can afford it, and if not, look for something similar that is priced less.

Brand name

Expensive brands manufacture their outdoor kitchen grill products using high quality, durable, and long-lasting materials. Their prices are way beyond their cheap counterparts, and they differ in functionality and efficiency as well. Choose an outdoor grill brand that is popular in the market, and highly rated by their customers. Take note that expensive brands may create a hole in your wallet, but it is extremely safe to use and will last longer that cheaper brands. After all, it is your safety and the well-being of your family that is at stake here.

Type of installation

Another important factor you must consider in buying an outdoor kitchen grill is the installation type.

  • Built-in grill – this grill cannot be moved easily to another location. You need a permanent location for a built-in grill in your outdoor kitchen.
  • Freestanding grill – this a famous option due to its convenience as a stand-alone grill that is easy to install from the box to the outdoor kitchen.
  • Portable grill – this grill can either have wheels for easy transport, or have a flat bottom. This type of grill can be used in your outdoor kitchen, as well as take with you for a picnic or camping trip.
  • Post mount grill – this is a permanently installed grill that is equipped with a single stand. It is completely finished in every angle, and the best thing is it needs a small space in your outdoor kitchen.


The size of the outdoor kitchen grill matters in your purchasing decision. Consider the size of your outdoor kitchen before you make a decision. It is best to measure the space you want to use your grill area, and choose a grill that suits the measurement.


British Thermal Unit is the measurement of the work needed by the burner to heat 1 pound of liquid by 1 degree Fahrenheit. It is important to pay attention to the total output of heat that each grill burner can provide. Keep in mind that high BTU does not mean the grill is better than others. It could be that high BTU grills uses fuel much faster compared to others. The standard BTU for an outdoor kitchen grill is 80 to 100 per square inch of the grill grate.


In buying an outdoor kitchen grill, you must check for the important features of the grill.

  • Burners – choose a grill that features durable and safe burners. It is best to have more than one burner so you can grill more than one type of food.
  • Capacity – You may not always have guests, but it is ideal to buy an outdoor grill that has a large capacity. A recommended standard size grill is designed to have a 20 square inches size.
  • Thermometer – a built-in thermometer is useful to check the interior temperature of your grilled food.
  • Stainless steel – this is the top option for outdoor grills. But other choices are available like cast iron or aluminum.
  • Easy cleaning – make sure that your chosen outdoor grill is fairly easy to clean. Remember to clean your outdoor kitchen grill every after use to avoid gathering dirt, grime, germs, and bacteria.


Depending on your preference and needs, check if the outdoor grill has the following accessories:

  • Grill thermometer
  • Side shelves
  • Covers
  • Dome lids
  • Splash guards
  • Side burners
  • Skewers
  • Marinade injectors
  • Basting brushes

Complete outdoor grill accessories can be bought separately if they are not included in the grill product, but it is better to buy an outdoor grill that is furnished with the above-mentioned accessories.

We hope that you will make a wise choice! Investing in an outdoor grill means you are selecting a buddy that will last for many years to come. Choose a grill that is not just aesthetically appealing, but also does the job and is durable.

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